- Max Havelaar Fr
- Ecocert
- Evaluation 2007 et Programme agricole 2008 de YNW

Version: 1.0
(mai, 2008)

Growing Organic Cotton

The farmer sows in early July when the rainy season has fully begun. He rarely cultivates more than a hectare since he has limited agricultural equipment and the horses are weak.

Some cultivate their fields without any machinery, entirely by hand, under the torrid sun.

The farmer must transport manure if he has a cart,hoe each month, treat with plants to prevent insects as often as possible, and finally harvest in December.

The organic farmer will sell his cotton at 272 F CFA/kg (compared to 180 F for conventional cotton) thanks to the federation’s two certificates: the organic certificate from Ecocert and the fair trade certificate from FLO-cert (Max Havelaar label).


In 2007, the Federation produced 85 tonnes of organic fair trade cotton with 800 farmers over 280 ha..

The farmer will earn about 200 euro for almost 6 months of work with his family.

The sale of the fibre in 2008

9 tonnes of fibre were bought by Senegalese processers, including Aissa Dione who produces top of the range woven home furnishings.

The rest of the production was bought by the Frenchman Papili who markets soft toys for children.