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The Tambacounda region, called Oriental Senegal, is the largest of the country. It is divided into 3 administrative departments, including the department of Tambacounda where the YNW Federation carries out its activities.

The Federation’s headquarters are based in Koussanar, administrative centre of the Tambacounda department.

This village is on the main road which crosses the country from east to west. It is home to more than 6,000 people, and features a crèche, a secondary school, an agricultural cooperative, a youth centre, and a women’s centre.

Koussanar is twinned with Saint-Cyr Sur Loire in France, which has created a welcome centre with a few bedrooms with fans for tourists. However tourist attractions are rare in the village and the climate is somewhat uncomfortable.

Climate and Vegetation


Koussanar is 14° north of the equator. The climate is Sudano-Sahelian, with about 800mm/year of rainfall over 4 months of the year, from June to October. 8 months of dry season follow, with maximum temperatures of 50° in the shade in April.

The vegetation, savannah with trees, includes baobabs, combretaceae, kapoks, etc. The wildlife is not very diverse: there are some monkeys, jackals, and plenty of birds.