- Evaluation 2007 et Programme agricole 2008 de YNW

Version: 1.0
(mai, 2008)

Agricultural equipment and storage

Farmers in the Tambacounda region have limited equipment: hoes for ploughing or scraping the soil, seedbags, and carts for the luckier ones. We estimate that only 25% of the farmers possess all of this equipment, which is often in a dilapidated state.

Acquiring agricultural equipment

In 2007, thanks to the support of the NGO Solidaridad and a contribution from the cotton farmers (22 F/kg), the Federation set up a system for acquiring agricultural equipment. Local artisans made 18 horse carts (112 500 F CFA/unit) and the government subsidised 24 seed drills (55 000 F CFA/unit). The carts are extremely useful for transporting manure in the organic plots. This equipment was distributed to the best cotton growers of the Federation. They must reimburse the cost over 3 years to allow the Federation to buy new equipment. But at this rhythm, how many years will be needed to equip the thousands of YNW farmers?

The new headquarters of the Federation

In 2007, the Federation, in search of autonomy, decided during its Annual General Meeting to invest the social premium received from selling ‘fair trade’ cotton (700 000 F CFA) in the construction of new headquarters.

A plot was bought and 2 huts and an office have been built. This new meeting place for farmers constitutes a favourable environment for discussions, training, processing and stocking organic products. However, the Federation lacks the means to finish the construction work. A store room, a learning hangar, and a building for the fonio processing unit are still needed. This lack of infrastructure penalises the Federation since neither produce nor seeds can be stored in security.