- Evaluation 2007 et Programme agricole 2008 de YNW
- Max Havelaar Fr
- Ecocert

Version: 1.0
(mai, 2008)

The Products of the Federation

Sesame oil, precooked fonio, organic bissap

Production levels are growing, but the Federation has not yet reached financial autonomy.

To find out more, read Evaluation 2007 et Programme agricole 2008 de YNW "(in French only at present)". This document includes the financial report of the Federation over the last 3 years and suggests strategies to reach financial autonomy.


The development of a collection of textile products in organic cotton with natural indigo is in process with Liz Cooper

The initial results…

For information: a cushion cover like this one uses 3 metres of strips of cotton cloth (15cm wide). It is woven in 3 hours in the village of Makanding using 120 grams of ngessé (fine yarn) which is carded and spun in about 20 hours by a woman from the same village.

The weaver and the spinner both earn 600 F for their work, despite the fact that the woman has spent 7 to 8 times as long as the man.

This hand-processed organic cotton chain, as part of ENDA’s project entitled “Developing fair trade practices in Senegal”, is analysed with local populations, distributors, and consumers, in order to define a fairer distribution of profits between the different actors in the chain.