- Max Havelaar Fr
- Ecocert
- Evaluation 2007 et Programme agricole 2008 de YNW

Version: 1.0
(oct, 2009)

Diversification of crops

After cotton and organic fonio, the Federation has diversified, adding organic sesame and organic bissap to its range of crops.


Sesame production began in 2004. Now, the Federation sesam is certified organic by Ecocert. The Federation products 50 tonnes by year and sells it between 450 and 600F CFA/kg at Koussanar.

The Federation also processes the sesame locally. It extracts the sesame oil using a manual press. You need 4kg of seeds to obtain 1 litre of oil. The seeds are ground, steamed, and pressed. The oil is then filtered.

The oil is sold in Dakar at 2500 F CFA/litre to cosmetics companies (it is excellent for massages; very rich in vitamin E) or to consumers who use it to season vegetables or to prepare thiéboudiène (rice with fish), the Senegalese national dish.


Red bissap (the hibiscus flour)

The cultivation of red bissap was introduced in 2006 in the borders of the organic cotton plots of the Federation’s producers. The variety of bissap grown by the Federation is excellent; the seeds provided by the ASPSPcome from Burkina Faso.

Now, the bissap production is certified Organic by Ecocert ; the Federation In 2007, the Federation products 2 tonnes by year and sells it between 1500 and 2000F CFA/kg at Koussanar.