Version: 1.0
(mai, 2008)

The weavers and the tailors

Once the cotton has been transformed into yarn by the women, men weave strips of cloth using their home-made weaving frames.

The head of weavers in the village of Makanding, Oussy Thiam, wove 100m of strips of cotton (15cm wide) in 6 days; he earns about 200 F CFA an hour.

The Koussanar tailor, El Hadj Gueye, sewed 10 boubous (simple traditional clothing) in 2 days, at 1500 F /garment.

The first tests carried out with local weavers and tailors led to finished products which are too ‘rustic’ to satisfy an international clientele, and too expensive for local people (about 6000 FCFA per garment in organic fair trade cotton).


The Federation has been lucky to meet Liz Cooper in 2008, a young British designer living in Senegal, who is keen to contribute to the professionalisation of Senegalese tailors.

She is particularly interested in organic fair trade cotton and has thus created the first collection of bags and homeware for the Federation (see "products" page)